Weichert Sellebration

Today is my first day home from a five day trip to the Bahamas for Weichert Sellebration.  Learned lots of new valuable information and even got to meet our founder, Jim Weichert! Sometimes I wonder why NAR and Weichert choose to have their conventions in beautiful, exciting places when we have to sit in classrooms for hours on end but as it turns out, the equal dose of education and time in the sun was exactly what I needed. We happened to leave Louisville right when it was starting to get cold, for a destination that’s 87 during the day, 79 at night, almost every day.  The combination of saltwater and Vitamin D was a perfect refresher.  The motivation delivered by the speakers at the convention was just what I needed to have me coming home feeling ambitious and ready to get to work this winter.  Most people in the real estate business see the winter as their slow season. I refuse to see it this way.  Winter is a fantastic time to buy and sell.  I understand moving when it’s 32 degrees outside can be a drag, but the perks could outweigh that.

I’m talking to you, sellers.  Less houses for sale in the winter=less competition. Plain and simple.  The other beauty of selling in the winter is that it tends to weed out those just looking at houses “for fun”- so you’re left to deal with only more serious buyers.  According to realtor.com, the December/January months are also a good time to sell because potential buyers may have just received their end-of-year bonuses- which means they may have a bit more money to put down on a home.

My point is, if you are considering waiting til spring to sell simply because you’ve heard it’s a better market in the spring, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better market for you. If you want to know more about getting a property ready to sell, no matter what time of year, please give me a call. I’m happy to help.

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